We assist clients in enhancing risk management; improving performance and operating efficiency while providing the foundation to achieve better business performance.

We work to build internal audit into a strategic and productive tool in today’s corporate governance environment and simultaneously strive to advise our clients regarding strategic and operational risks.
We serve clients in diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Trading, Information Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Textiles, Garments, Automotive, Healthcare, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, FMCG, ITES, Infrastructure, Engineering, Pharma, Power Generation Service etc.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Many a times lack of proper documentation or record can prove to be very costly for a company. Our outsourced secretarial services ensure that companies comply with all legal requirements relating to the Companies Act, FEMA, RBI etc. so that the companies are always on the right side of the law. Our services include:
Incorporation services
We provide services in respect of incorporation of companies, LLP’s, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, JV’s, Branch and Liaison offices.
Compliance services
Preparation of statutory records and registers under the Companies Act, filing of documents with the MCA/ROC, RBI under FEMA.
Providing opinions on matters related to Companies Act and FEMA
Outbound Investment related services
The firm also assist Indian companies in setting up JVs/ subsidiaries outside India.

Transaction Support Services

We leverage our tax and audit expertise across various industries to provide sound professional advice to support companies in their growth strategies. Be it JV formation, an acquisition or a valuation assignment, our advice is objective and our communication is free from jargon. Our TSS services include:

Valuation services
A business valuation is more than an assessment of the financial statements of the business and we, therefore explore factors such as the history of the business, the business model, business sector prospects, an analysis of key revenue and profit streams, current and forward period budgets, the organisation and its people structure, competitor and sensitivity analysis, limitations, and material events and transactions to determine the value of the underlying assets. Apart from business valuations, we also undertake valuation of intangible assets, purchase price allocation and valuation of ESOP. Our team comprises of qualified chartered accountants who have successfully completed the Certificate Course on Valuation conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Due Diligence
Due diligence goes behind the financial statements and establishes the soundness or otherwise of the business being acquired. Our team uses its experience and expertise to provide with the hidden information which is relevant for decision making.
Deal Structuring
Our team comprising of lawyers, tax and audit experts advise to structure a corporate reorganization or restructure in the most efficient manner.
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